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Amusement Parks
Carnival Park

Carnival Park
Location: 14th and 16th streets on Armstrong Avenue in Kansas City, KS
Opened: May 7, 1907
Closed: 1909
Features: Shoot the Chutes, Wigwam Restaurant, The Double Whirl Ferris Wheel, Train, Figure Eight
Local Images: Kansas
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Chain of Rocks Amusement Park

Chain of Rocks Amusement Park aka Fun Fair Park
Location: 10783 Riverview Drive in St. Louis, MO
Opened: 1926
Closed: 1977
Features: Picnic Area, Pool, Roller Coaster, Dodge 'Em Cars, Concerts
Local Images: Missouri
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Exotic Amimal Paradise

Buena Vista's Exotic Animal Paradise
Location: 12 Miles East of Springfield, MO
Opened: 1971
Features: Drive-Thru Wild Animal Park - Camel, Zebra, Bears, Giraffe
Local Images: Missouri
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Electric Park

Electric Park
Location: Originally at East Bottoms - later between 45 and 47th & Paseo to Woodland Avenue in Kansas City, MO
Opened: 1907
Closed: 1925
Features: Roller Coaster, Gardens, Statues, Shows, Lagoon
Local Images: Missouri
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Fairmont Park

Fairmount Park
Location: 24 Highway and Willow in Kansas City, MO
Opened: 1897
Closed: 1933
Features: Loop the Loop, The Chute, Tube Ride, The Giant Dipper, The Jumping Jack, Zoo
Local Images: Missouri
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Fairyland Park

Fairyland Park
Location: 7501 Prospect in Kansas City, MO
Opened: 1923
Closed: 1977
Features: Ferris Wheel, The Skyrocket, The Whip, The Wildcat, Crystal Pool
Local Images: Missouri
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Frontier Land U.S.A

Frontier Land U.S.A
Location: 10 Mintues West of Wichita, KS on Highway 54
Features: World's largest frontier village.
Local Images: Kansas
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Forest Park Highlands

Forest Park Highlands
Location: 5600 Oakland Ave. in St. Louis, MO
Opened: 1896
Closed: 1963
Features: Concerts, Mountain Ride, Racer Dip, Carousel
Local Images: Missouri
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Joyland Park

Joyland Park
Location: 2801 South Hillside Street in Wichita, KS
Opened: June 12, 1949
Closed: N/A
Features: Coaster, Ferris Wheel, Dodgem Bumper Cars, Merry-Go-Round, Kiddie Boats, Tilt-A-Whirl
Local Images: Kansas
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Six Flags Over Mid-America

Six Flags Over Mid-America
Location: I-44 & Six Flags Road in Eureka, MO 63025 Opened: 1971/1972
Closed: N/A
Features: The Moon, Angle Tangle, The Peak, Six Flags Railroad Station, The Sky Way, The Sid and Marty Krofft Puppet Theatre, Flume of the Hoo-Hoo, River King Mine Ride, Mule Go-Round, The Flag Stop, Mod Mod Whirl
Local Images: Missouri
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Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City aka Marvel Cave Park
Location: Branson, MO
Opened: 1958
Closed: N/A
Features: 1880's Theme Park / Frontier Town, Ozarks related Restaurants, Crafts, Rides, Shows
Local Images: Missouri
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Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun / Oceans of Fun
Location: 4545 Worlds of Fun Ave in Kansas City, MO
Opened: 1973
Closed: N/A
Features: Zambezi Zinger, Viking Voyager, Ski Hi, Zulu, Octopus, Schussboomer, Dolphin Shows, Concerts
Local Images: Missouri
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Other Kansas Amusements
Hocker Grove in Merriam, KS
Kiddleland in Wichita, KS
Kiddyland in Overland Park, KS
Vinewood Park in Topeka, KS
Wonderland Park in Wichita, KS
Local Images: Kansas
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Other Missouri Amusements
Delmar Gardens in St. Louis, MO
Kiddleland Park on Wornall in Kansas City, MO
Ozark Park in St. Louis, MO
Tivoli Gardens at 24th and Main in Kansas City, MO
Troost Amusement Park at 24th and Troost in Kansas City, MO
Wonderland Arcade at 1200 Grand in Kansas City, MO
Local Images: Missouri
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Allen's Bowl - Indepence Ave.
Antioch Bowl - NKC
Argentine Bowl - 3508 Strong
Armour Lanes - 3523 Troost
Blue Ridge Bowl, Inc. - 15 Blue Ridge Center
Broadway Bowl - 1232 Broadway
Bowl-O-Rama - 9932 Truman Road
Country Club Bowl - 217 East Gregory
Heart Bowl - (near Heart Drive-in Theate), King Louie East - 7910 Troost
King Louie West - 8788 Metcalf
Leawood Lanes - 95th and Mission
Linwood Bowl - 3125 Harrison
Loma Vista Lanes - 8756 Blue Ridge Road
Lucky Strike Lanes - Wornall
NKC Bowl - NKC
Olathe Lanes Bowling Alley - 1040 Weaver
Overland Park Bowl - 8015 Santa Fe
Pla-mor Bowl (also Freedom Palace & Pla-mor Ballroom) - Linwood and Main
Plaza Bowl - 430 Nichols Road
Raytown Bowl - Raytown
Rockhill Bowl - 4451 Troost
Rhythm Lanes - 2629 Troost
Shawnee Village Bowl - 6638 Nieman Road
Sheffield Bowl - 7810 East 24 Highway
Southtown Bowl - 58th and Troost
Veretta's - 5th and Grand
Ward Parkway Lanes - 1523 West 89th
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Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf
Cool Crest Miniature Twin Links - 11313 E New 40 Highway
Scottland Miniature Golf - 7100 West 77th
Smiley's Tee - 4300 Johnson Drive
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Antioch Roller Rink - 5217 Antioch
Blue Ridge Roller Rink - 7600 Blue Ridge Extension
El Torreon Roller Rink (also Cowtown Ballroom, Avalon Supper Club & El Torreon Ballroom) - 3109 Gillham Plaza
Grand-View Roller Rink - 13015 15th
K Cee Roller Rink - 1711 Central
Mission Skating Rink - 5930 Broadmoor
Overland Park Roller Rink - 9301 West 87
Pla-Mor Roller Rink - 26 W. 31st Terrace
Skadium Outdoor Roller Rink - 8601 Troost
Sunflower Roller Rink - 1516 West Julia
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Admiral Theatre - 8th & Tracy
Antioch Theatre - NKC
Apollo Theatre - 3227 Troost
Armour Theatre - 408 Armour Road
Ashland Theatre - 24th & Elmwood
Baltis Theatre - 35th & Indiana
Belmont Theatre - 5607 St. John
Benton Theatre - Independence Ave. and Benton Blvd.
Boulevard Drive-In Theatre - 1800 SW Blvd.
Brookside Theatre - 6325 Brookside Plaza
Crest Drive-In Theatre - 11400 South 71 Highway
Dickinson Theatre - 5909 Johnson Drive
Fairway Theatre - 53rd and Fairway Road
Folly Theatre - 12th and Central
Fox Theatre - Plaza
Gillham Theatre - 31st & Gillham
Gladstone Theatre - St. John & Elmwood
Glenwood Theatre - Metcalf
Granada Theatre - 1015 Minn.
Granada Theatre - 325 W Maple
Heart Drive-In Theatre - 6401 East 40 Highway
Highway Forty Drive-In Theatre - Highway 40 and 71 Highway
Hillcrest Drive-In Theatre - Craig
Isis Theatre - 3102 Troost
Jayhawk Theatre - 1806 Central
Lowes Midland Theatre - Downtown KCMO
National Theater - Independence Ave. & Hardesty
New 50 Drive-In Theatre - 11000 West 87
Oak Park Theatre - 3935 Prospect
Paramount Theatre - Downtown KCMO
Pic Theatre - 35th & Prospect
Plaza Theatre - 4701 Wyandotte
Roxy Theatre - Downtown
Sixty-Third Street Drive-In - East 63rd and East 50 Highway
South Twin Drive-In Theatre - 119th & I35
Southtown Theatre - 57th & Troost
Summit Theatre - 12th & Summit
Sun Theatre - 7106 Prospect
Tampico Theatre - 813 W. 39th
The Aladdin Theatre - 6044 Truman Rd.
The Baghdad Theatre - 27th & Troost
The Fiesta Theatre - 4011 Troost
The Linda Theatre - 50th & Prospect
The Mary Lue - 5915 Prospect
The Regent Theatre - 12th & Walnut
The Ritz Theatre - 12th & College
The Roxy Theatre - 11th & Main
The Tivoli Theatre - 2420 Indiana
The Vista Theater - 2617 Independence Ave.
Trail Theatre - 118 East Park
Uptown Theatre - 3700 Broadway
Waldo Theatre - 500 West 75th
Warwick Theatre - 3927 Main
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*WD Photo Courtesy of Wendi Dunnuck Many Fairyland Park Photos Courtesy of Nate Brancato
Mother Nature Pictures Courtesy of Mary Lou Anderson

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