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Back in the early '90s a friend of mine found boxes of materials discarded by United Entertainment Productions, a local management company at 4024 State Line, and promptly confiscated them for me. They were primarily demo tapes and group photos by bands either already affiliated with or hoping to get signed by United, Blend Productions (Mission) or Glory Road Productions (WI). The photos seem to be circa 1980 and the bands appear to be mostly from the Midwest. I foolishly threw away the demo tapes but did keep the 8x10s though at the time I had no idea what to do with them. Recently it occurred to me that they would make an interesting addition to the KC Bands page.

A few of the images are of local High School bands playing at dances and may require an subscription to view.

Amazing Stories | picture
And/Or picture
	And/Or Guitarist
	And/Or Singer
	David W. Taylor
	Scott Gribble
	Mark Appleberry

Jim Barber | web | picture | picture
 Bluebird | picture

Changes | picture
Ray Coble | picture
Creo Revells (Springfield) | Parkview High School Dance - 1987

Dixie | picture

Frenzy | picture

Georgia Overdrive | picture

Katawaler Creek | picture

Beck Langford / Beck Langford Band | picture
	Eric Petska
	Chris Jones
Law & Disorder | picture
Legacy | picture
Legend | picture
Los Bozos | picture
	Allan Fishell

Mister Smith | picture
Mark Murphy | picture
Charles Musselwhite | web | picture

Nightfall | picture
Night Gallery | picture
Night Wing | picture

One Night Only | picture
	Kenny Svedja
	Dale Roninson
	Scott Roby
	Debbie Sprinkle
	Havery Greenbaum
Over The Edge | picture

Riders | picture
Rockin Dopsie and the Cajun Twisters | web | picture
	Rockin' Dopsie
	Morris Frances
	Chester Zeno 
	John Hart
	Charley Tyler
	Alan Rubin, Jr.
Gayle Rose | picture

Scatband | pictures
Shuttle | pictures
	parody hall demo tape
Silverado 3 | pictures
Southern Express | pictures
Stone Johnny Mountain Band | pictures
Sundance | William Chrisman High School Dance - 1978
	Richard Day-Reynolds

Take Two | Shawnee Mission South High School Dance - 1984
Tantrum (Springfield) | Parkview High School Dance - 1987
The Truth / Vandelyn Kross | picture | web
	Randy Walker
	Todd Pettygrove
	Bryan Porter
	Chet Galloway
Tomboyz | picture
	Nina Finnell
Toyz | picture
Two Bucks N Change | picture
	set list
	Jonathan Levine

Unknown Band | picture
Unknown Band | picture
Unknown Female | picture
Unknown Band | picture
Unknown Band | picture
Unknown Band | picture
Unknown Band | picture
	individual picture
	individual picture
	individual picture
	individual picture

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